Young Transmitters Net

Young Transmitters NZ Net

Net Control: Thomas – ZL3TOM

Local time: 1900/7pm NZ every Monday

0300-0400 EST Monday

(0700-0800 UTC Monday)

Connection Details to net as Follows

EchoLink : Aotearoa Echolink Conference 256883 (Main Conference Server)

Echolink : Ham Conference 69556 (in conference to Aotearoa)

Echolink : ZL3TOM-L 304602

 IRLP : 9556 Ham conference to Aotearoa

AllStar: ZL3TOM 40452

AllStar : ZL4NORM – 48820 connected to Aotearoa Conference

AllStar: ZL2RO  51178

DMR : TG 53029

Dstar : XLX229 Module X

Repeater : ZL3CAR-R Christchurch  438.500 

Peanut : coming soon

Everyone is welcome young and experienced amateur operators

If a link or connection doesn’t work for the net please try a different connection (we don’t control some links)

Your more then welcome to connect your repeaters or link to the net*

  *Just let me know if you want to connect a link